SCREAMS omg hi baby!!!!!!! I’m waaaaaay too far out of Teen Wolf (I kinda never finished 3b?) to come back to that now but I would love to have you at my other account omg it’s still multifandom and imu lots :cccccc

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The Triumphant Return…Kinda

Would you look at that, still sitting strong at 600 followers! I forgot how much I loved all of you, wow. Anyways!

I am returning to the world of Indie RP, but sadly not to this account. I have moved on slightly from Teen Wolf, and in doing so, have decided to expand my horizons in the RP world.

Therefore, I have moved to a new account; scutumx, where I will be playing Steve Rogers/Captain America. If you have any interest in coming to play with me over there, it would be much appreciated!

Thank you guys so much for making my time in the Teen Wolf fandom so much fun. I know it technically ended a while ago, but one last thank couldn’t hurt. You’re all fantastic, lovely people. I wish you all luck with the rest of your RP adventures, and if you chose to let me join you in those, I would be ever so happy c:


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I got an email today from tumblr saying that this blog had just turned a year old, and I think this is a good of time as any to let everyone know:
I will no longer be using this account.
I’m not leaving tumblr forever; y’all can still find me at my personal, but I don’t use this account anymore, and I just - I don’t feel like keeping it up for something I’m not going to use for a while.
I will not be deleting the blog, but it will be inactive, and I will no longer be logging onto this account, posting anything, or replying to messages.
I would, however, like to thank everyone I’ve ever RP’d with for making this a fantastic year, even though it’s now coming to an end. You guys were fantastic, and I have made some wonderful, wonderful friendships that I will not be quick to forget. So thank you for that.
I love you all :)

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Guys, I brought Mel back with me. xD

*waves casually* Hello lovely!!!

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Safe and Sound || actualpackmom



Cassie padded in on all fours into the Stilinski home when the Sheriff let her in. He was still getting used to the whole supernatural thing and it probably didn’t help much that the alpha would always stalk into the home either with red eyes blazing or on all fours. It made both of them uneasy, but Cassie knew something was wrong with Stiles. He’d been having night terrors from what she’d heard from the Sheriff and he was worried about his son. Cassie had gone to Deaton and found out about the doors of his mind being open… And a shiver went down her spine.

Something was coming, something bad.

Demons, probably.

Cassie didn’t like this.

So here she was, bounding up the stairs on all fours as her furry paws padded along the hallway, the wolf pushing the door open to Stiles’ room before she deposited herself gracefully beside him, snuggling into his warmth. The wolf let out a small whine, wondering if Stiles and Scott found anything when looking for their dead body but as she placed her furry muzzle on his chest she knew something else was bothering him. Stiles was never this quiet.

He’s been staring at the ceiling since he and Scott had gotten back. He’d almost left before Scott had returned to him, but then realized that he had absolutely no idea how to get home and had been forced to stand in the freezing forest for, like, an hour while Scott went on some stupid werewolf quest without him and no matter how tired he was, he couldn’t let his eyes close.

It wasn’t that he didn’t need it, didn’t think it would help. But he only dreamed when he slept, so obviously - obviously the best idea was to stay awake, right?

He’s so spaced out he almost doesn’t notice when the large wolf climbs into his bed. It only takes him a moment, however, to reach down and thread his fingers slowly through Cassie’s snow white fur. She had featured in far too many of his dreams, and already he was worried. “How am I supposed to know you’re real?” He whispers softly, knowing she hears him but not expecting an answer.

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          {This is her brother and she’s worried about him, more so than she’d ever say— even though she’s sure that he knows.

                Sitting down on his bed, she pulls him down and then leans back until her back is resting against the wall.}


                        “I love you, do you know that?  Either way, you should because you’re my idiot twin—”

                 {Okay so, she’s smirking slightly right now.}

                        “—and you know that I’ll protect you from what ever demons you’re fighting right now. Get some sleep, I’m right here.”

           {He smiles ruefully as he feels himself get dragged down onto the bed, leaning his head back onto Gemma’s shoulder, sighing deeply as he does so.

                    Sometimes he needed someone to ground him, make him realize that not everything was in his mind.}

           ”I actually do know that, because sometimes you do nice things, shocker. But - I love you too. And you’re the idiot twin here, we can’t both be idiots, then who would be driving the car?

                     ”And I don’t have literal demons. Like, yet. But you make wonderful fair points and I may drool on you, really hope you aren’t attached to this shirt.”

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I’m kinda sore from my soccer game I had earlier so I’m going to finish these two replies really quickly and then probably log off for the night. I’ll be back tomorrow, though :D

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Break my muse in 15 words or less.

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